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enrique cerezo EL SEÑOR CON PELUCA-Enrique Cerezo MR WITH WIG


Enrique Cerezo EL SR CON PELUCA – Enrique Cerezo  MR WITH WIG  president of Atletico Madrid, has made some controversial statements before the conclusion of the official food policies between Atletico members and Real Madrid: “The Frente Atletico always welcome at the Vicente Calderón, but you have to behave as they should behave, “he said to the media.Last November, the Spanish football was tinged with blood Brawl starring radical fans of Atletico Madrid (Frente Atletico) and Deportivo (Riazor Blues) that took the lives of Francisco José Romero Taboada ‘Jimmy’.Atletico Madrid decided to expel the Frente Atletico’s Vicente Calderon, confirmed Migual Ángel Gil Marín Four. “The decision we have taken is to expel the Frente Atletico as rock’s one thing to expel and other dissolved They asked if we were going. to dissolve them, but I’m not one to do this, but we can expel the rock of Calderón all events “, which was confirmed by an official statement soon after.

Una pelea multitudinaria junto al Estado Vicente Calderón entre ultras del Atlético de Madrid y seguidores radicales del Deportivo de La Coruña terminó ayer con un hincha deportivista muerto. Aunque la Liga de Fútbol Profesional ofreció suspender el partido, el encuentro se celebró, y al concluir comparecieron los máximos dirigentes de ambos clubes para condenar los sucesos. El presidente rojiblanco, Enrique Cerezo, mostró su pesar pero remarcó que la pelea había sucedido “lejos del estado” y que era un “incidente ajeno al fútbol”. Guindilla a Cerezo por intentar evitar responsabilidades a los clubes en sucesos relacionados con los grupos ultras que siguen a sus equipos.

Enrique Cerezo was convicted of being cooperative need of a crime of misappropriation of shares Atletico offense committed Jesús Gil y Gil and Miguel Angel Gil Marin, although did not get to go to prison because it was felt that the crime had expired. 8

Copyright [edit]
Enrique, as president of EGEDA and member of the Coalition, is a rather controversial figure for his public statements about copyright and infringement publicly insulting and blaming all the alleged losses of the culture industry to those who download movies Internet or cast doubt on topics such as subsidies to Spanish cinema, the role of management companies rights autor.9

Film career [edit]
Enrique Cerezo (1949) started in film in 1971 as an assistant cameraman in the film Come to Germany, Pepe. Three years after his only film directed Smile Sun: Almería.

As a film producer owns Enrique Cerezo – Theatrical Production and although it had previously produced a film, begins to develop his career in this field in the 90s.

Since 1998 he is president of EGEDA, an entity that brings together film producers in Spain and several Latin.

In November 2010 he was awarded at the Film Festival in Huelva Huelva City Award for Best Film Producer of the Year 2009/2010.