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Music : Of Mice & Men ” Screamo “

Promocion Digitales PS Store – Playstation


Circuit Breakers PSN PS4 2017 Triverske Games

Circuit Breakers, el frenético infierno de balas inspirado en juegos como Smash TV y Cave Story. Circuit Breakers

Atari Box 2017

Since our first teaser, reactions have been wild, with hundreds of press articles and millions of views, shares, comments, and likes across social media.

Our first hardware project in decades, we’re incredibly excited about what this means for the Atari community.


The Force is strong with PlayStation
The Force is strong with PlayStation
我們將提供12個月會籍+《星際大戰:戰場前線™》終極版同捆裝優惠─以PS Plus會籍價格免費獲得遊戲,只要透過下方按鈕連結即可購買。優惠數量有限,購買完即止,若下方連結無效即表示活動已結束。本優惠僅開放給非現有PS Plus會員。
擁有更暢快的PS4線上多人遊戲體驗,成為PS Plus會員讓您無中斷繼續享受所有會員優惠及服務。現在就加入!


Dead Alliance Trailer Intro