I always dress for the feet

I always dress for the feet

Se viste por los pies

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masonery simbol

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cactus con conexion telefonica y usb 2.0

La conexion es digna de elogio

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black and white sensual girl

Ignacio gonzalez MISTER VITILIGO

The anti-corruption prosecutor in Málaga, Juan Carlos López Caballero, has appealed to the Provincial Court of the city the complaint case in the attic wife Ignacio González , Lourdes Cavero , who is accused of crimes of money laundering and tax fraud.

The decision taken by López Caballero was sung , after Judge Mariana Peregrina did not consult him before deciding to impute to the wife of the President of the Community of Madrid. Since the prosecution also rated the Pilgrim legal reasoning as ” weak ,” according to Cadena SER reported .

Other decisions of the judge , as defer to the High Court and deliver content from research to Ignacio González , will not have helped . In fact, this latest decision, justified by Peregrina with ” helplessness ” of the president of the Community of Madrid for the information of the media about the case, was taken against the advice of prosecutors.

The reasons for the judge to impute to Cavero

In an order dated December 18 , according to the judge “is attributed to the condition of imputed Cavero Lourdes Mestre” . Formerly recalled that in the complaint filed at the time by the Unified Police Union (SUP ) reference to “alleged offense against the Treasury ” was made, as well as an ” alleged crime of money laundering from some alleged commissions produced with the consent of an ad hoc ” foreign entity , referring to the company Coast Investors, based in Delaware (USA )

Also spoke of investigations into an “organized structure” and that the commission of the alleged crimes investigation “has been able to use a too ad hoc organization , which are opaque trusts, which may be legal in the country where it is based , but may expressly provide for the commission of that offense , the commission of which has materialized in various provincial courts . ” So I will defer to the Court expressly Nacional.Cita ” Madrid ” among the provinces.

fuente: http://www.eldiario.es/temas/ignacio_gonzalez/Imagen